The Taylor Family Foundation

The Taylor Family Foundation offers an incomparable opportunity to children and their families by providing therapeutic recreation, specialized support and resources. Located on 138 acres of beautiful land nestled in Livermore, CA, TTFF’s camp hosts a racially and socio-economically diverse group of 3,000 campers with chronic medical, developmental disabilities and youth at-risk for over 30 camp sessions throughout the year—at no charge. 

“A 12 year old HIV/Aids female patient was being treated through Medical.  She lived within a family who had a number of foster children.  She had a cleft palate since birth and could barely enunciate words and swallow food correctly.  The state would not authorize her palate to be fixed because in their words, “she would not live long enough to benefit from the positive outcome of surgery.”  She was bullied within school, extremely insecure about her looks and ability to speak clearly and extremely withdrawn due to the lack of social interaction.  When we heard of this situation TTFF stepped in to pay for her surgery and post surgery speech and swallowing therapies.  This preteen went on to graduate high school with high marks, was in a number of academic school clubs and belonged to social clubs as well.  She became a public speaker and champion for teens living with AIDS.  She married after high school, had 2 children both of who were not infected with the HIV virus and fulfilled many of her personal dreams.  She had a huge impact on the teen HIV community.  Public speaking and personally becoming a role model for HIV/Aids infected youth created her legacy.  I am sure this would not have happened if her small birth defect (yet large in impact) had not been fixed.  

She died in her late 20’s but lived what was her dream life.”