About the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance

Who We Are

Welcome to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance, where community empowerment and social change go hand in hand. TVNPA is a collaborative hub that strengthens the nonprofits serving the Tri-Valley area and beyond. From the beginning, TVNPA envisioned creating a network that would support, uplift, and foster collaboration between various nonprofit organizations, thereby creating a more vibrant community.

Our History

The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance was born in 2014 out of a collective need for community organizations to unite, share resources, and elevate their missions.

In a serendipitous elevator encounter, community leaders Katherine Young and Mony Nop realized they shared a vision for a stronger, more connected nonprofit sector in the Tri-Valley area. That vision quickly transformed into action as they rallied other nonprofit leaders to establish the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance, targeting local nonprofits’ unique needs and challenges. It wasn’t long before the buzz reached nonprofits throughout the eastern San Francisco Bay Area, who eagerly joined the Alliance.

Fast forward to today—our ninth year—and the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance has become a linchpin in the community. Providing key resources and essential learning opportunities to board directors, staff, and volunteers from over 300 nonprofits, the Alliance has grown into a vital support network. Our monthly gatherings serve as a platform for sharing organizational hurdles and triumphs, industry insights, job opportunities, volunteer resources, upcoming events, and much more.

As we have grown, we have added several key programs, including the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund, the CommonPoint Nonprofit Center, the Anti-Poverty Collaborative, and the Livermore Connects Coalition.

At the heart of our efforts is the philosophy that “together, we’re better.” This sentiment rings true daily, with participating organizations enjoying the collaborative boost that elevates their community impact. As these nonprofits grow stronger collectively, the ripple effect of their work extends throughout the communities they serve, enhancing the quality of life for all.

Core Programs

Monthly Nonprofit Networking and Educational Programs

TVNPA is fosters a strong sense of community and leverages the collective power of nonprofits. Our monthly events offer a welcoming space for organizations to connect, tackle current challenges, exchange ideas, and soak up wisdom from leading experts in the field. Covering topics from successful fundraising strategies to managing volunteers and staying ahead in social impact trends, these sessions arm nonprofits with the practical skills and insights they need to thrive.

March 2023 Community Program featured a panel discussion of our local mayors. Also pictured: Board Chair Marti Sutton and President & CEO Kathy Young,

Anti-Poverty Collaborative and the Livermore Connects Coalition

In a committed effort to battle poverty and its far-reaching effects, the Anti-Poverty Collaborative works on multi-dimensional approaches to alleviate the struggles of the underserved in our community. The mission of the Anti-Poverty Collaborative is to eradicate poverty in the Tri-Valley by advocating, collaborating, educating, and amplifying messages to drive systems-level change around healthcare, education, affordable housing, food security, and economic justice.

Livermore Connects End of Summer Health Fiesta August 2023

The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund

Financial support is often the lifeblood of a nonprofit, and we understand the importance of flexible, unrestricted funding. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the nonprofit community particularly hard as they experienced an increased demand for services while funding decreased. TVNPA recognized the need to create a fund that would help these nonprofits both scale services and survive. The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund annually allocates up to $100,000 in unrestricted operating grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. This enables organizations to utilize the funds where they are most needed.

Grant recipients and members of the review committee at the check presentation ceremony.

CommonPoint Nonprofit Center

Understanding the need for a physical space where ideas can be nurtured and organizations can grow, TVNPA established the CommonPoint Nonprofit Center in 2023. This co-working space is designed to cater to both small and large nonprofits, providing amenities like virtual offices, cubicles, and private offices. The center also features a fully-equipped kitchen, restrooms, group space, and a conference room, creating an environment where collaboration and productivity thrive.

With an emphasis on the idea that “together, we’re better”, the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance has quickly become a valuable local asset to participating organizations as they experience the benefits of collaboration to raise community awareness of their important work. As nonprofit organizations become stronger as a whole, so do the communities they serve.

Lobby of CommonPoint Nonprofit Center

Join Us

We invite you to become part of our ever-growing community. Whether you are a nonprofit organization, a volunteer, or someone who believes in the transformative power of community collaboration, there’s a place for you at the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and bring about lasting change.

Contact us at info@tvnpa.org for more information.

TVNPA Values Statement