Tri-Valley Air Quality Climate Alliance

Mission Statement

We are a Tri-Valley community-wide organization dedicated to ensuring our local air quality will continue to be good for generations to come. Funded by the Bay Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), our team has discovered several long-term, cost-effective strategies to reduce local emissions and make the Tri-Valley a healthier place to live.

We are a Tri-Valley community-wide organization working to understand our local air quality problems, and to find local, long-term, sustainable mitigation-strategies.

From our diverse population we draw local leaders and advisors for guidance and counsel, as well as scientists and engineers to develop science-based insight and solutions.

We are funded through air district grants, which are intended for engagement of grassroots groups that offer on-the-ground local perspectives and local solutions.

For more information on TVAQCA, please visit our website.