TVNPA Membership: Join or Renew Today!

Welcome to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance’s Membership Program!

TVNPA Members enjoy additional programs, reduced fees for seminars and events, and access to a supportive community.

Nonprofit organizations, businesses, consultants and individuals involved in the nonprofit community are eligible to enroll as TVNPA members. Memberships are valid for one year after the date of enrollment and extend to all persons within the nonprofit organization or business.

Being a member organization supports your staff, board of directors and volunteers with additional programs and services. Membership strengthens your organization through relevant education, targeted resources and a supportive network of local nonprofits, businesses and members of the community.

Becoming a member supports TVNPA to provide education, networking opportunities and resources to nonprofit organizations throughout the Tri-Valley, Greater Bay Area and California. Our online programs also reach the nonprofit community throughout the nation. Membership fees enable us to continue offering our monthly Community Programs free-of-charge to the community at large, including our innovative Development Seminars, Annual Forums and Philanthropy Institute coursework… and so much more!

Please contact for how to join or renew your membership!

Please note! There is no fee and membership is not required to attend TVNPA’s monthly Community Programs, currently held online on the second Thursday of each month. We encourage you to renew your membership to aid us in providing outreach and services to the entire nonprofit community!

TVNPA reserves the right to deny or revoke any membership at any time.
Membership benefits are available once membership dues are paid and processed.