Missing Man Ministry

An organization serving the needs of widows and orphans 

A woman revealed she needed help as her husband was in late stage cancer Income stopped coming in, chores he would do around the house were neglected At the hospice stage, she was overwhelmed and the family was under great strain A Cornerstone Life Group [Led by S. Toyama] practiced what they were studying From the talents within the group she was assisted in many ways including:   Financial planning support ,repair and upkeep of her house and able to stay in her home, selling the machinery of her husband’s business, providing a support group to be there at the critical time

“Helping to keep a young family together and seeing the children pull through a tragic early loss of a farther is heartening” 

That was back in 2010. Today they are a happy family and relocated to New Mexico 

Missing Man Ministry will find out where help is needed and provide the help in a noninvasive way.

Immediate bills to be paid to safeguard property

Connection to grief care or counseling when needed

Financial advice

Is there any life insurance 

Effectively access IRAs and Trusts etc.

Connection to Tax Consultations 

General assistance 

Temporary Housing Costs 

House plumbing repairs 

House internal clean up 

Transport costs to move to a new location 

Children’s furniture 

Children’s gifts 

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and at their website http://www.missingmanministry.org