Livermore Lab Foundation shares about some of their accomplishments.

Livermore Lab Foundation is proud to offer the LLF Supported High School Internship program at LLF with great sucess.

Livermore Lab Foundation coordinated with the principals at Livermore’s public high schools — Del Valle, Granada, and Livermore — to select students (two per school) to participate in a pilot LLF-supported STEM internship program at LLNL. The six young interns worked at the Lab for one month this summer, did intensive training on software and lab equipment that LLNL scientists and engineers utilize in their work, had daily lunch discussions with scientists and LLNL college interns, and joined a number of behind-the-scenes tours of the one-square-mile Lab. They did collaborative work on project teams (two interns per team + LLNL mentors), tackling real-life scientific and tech problems (in additive manufacturing [i.e., 3D printing], bioengineering, and micro/ nanotechnology) and used cool lab equipment. Several of their prototypes were even approved for use in real-life applications by the end of the program! The program concluded with a scientific poster presentation and celebration. LLF was honored to surprise each of these hardworking students with a college scholarship. This hands-on intro to work at a national lab is a rare opportunity for such young prospective scientists and engineers. 

The Foundation was pleased to support two outstanding students from Florida A&M University (FAMU) who interned at Lawrence Livermore National Lab last summer. 

LLNL has a history of scientific collaboration with FAMU, which is the nation’s only historically black university to offer both a PhD in Physics and a concentration in High Energy Density Physics — a field that is fundamental to much of the national defense and basic science work done at the Lab. This summer, Livermore Lab Foundation (LLF) was able to help support a FAMU grad student and postdoc conducting research at the Lab. Because it’s a long way from Florida to California and the cost of living in California (especially the San Francisco Bay Area!) is so high, the Foundation provided funds for the young scientists’ travel and housing. This funding enabled the students to spend their summer here in Livermore while interning at one of the largest national labs / federal research facilities in the country. It’s been exciting to hear of the FAMU interns’ experiences at the Lab and the interesting scientific research they are pursuing. 

The Foundation is excited about exploring new partnerships, expanding scientific research, and promoting educational opportunities that open the doors to the future. 

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