Executive Director Roundtable

Our next cohort starts October 3, 2023 and goes through June 4, 2024.

Want to Be the Best Nonprofit Executive Director You Can Be?

TVNPA invites you to become a member of the
Executive Director Roundtable Program!

What differentiates EDR from other networking groups?

As a nonprofit executive leader, your time and responsibilities are stretched thin – personally and professionally – making it challenging to carve out time to build your own support network with other nonprofit leaders.

As the regional convener for Tri-Valley nonprofits, we understand that executive leadership in the nonprofit world is unique and different from C-level management in the for-profit world. We’ve heard from many of our members in networking groups that there’s something missing when it comes to existing networking groups’ abilities to add value for their nonprofit members and the unique ways of nonprofit administration. So we have created a special, facilitated group for you – Tri-Valley nonprofit executives.

The EDR Opportunity

The TVNPA Executive Director Roundtable is a unique opportunity to network with your peers and is specifically created with you in mind!

TVNPA understands the importance for senior nonprofit leadership to connect with each other in our industry. We understand that we build up our strength by sharing best practices and experiences among our peers. In the spirit of offering continuing professional development opportunities for our members, TVNPA is pleased to provide an Executive Director’s Roundtable -“EDR”- facilitated cohort

“Many of our executive leaders have been stretched thin over the last couple of years, giving way beyond what they ever imagined they could do in order to keep their organizations afloat and serve growing numbers of residents during COVID,” says Kathy Young, TVNPA CEO. “They’ve been scrambling to scale and finding creative ways to acquire resources and deliver services in the process. And that’s beyond what they normally do.

“TVNPA is offering the EDR as a professional development opportunity where our leaders can bring their expertise and challenges to a table of their peers and share best practices in a supportive, constructive, confidential and relaxed atmosphere.”

Inviting Tri-Valley Executive Directors!

What if you could carve out two hours every month with your peers for your own personal and professional development? To connect exclusively with fellow regional nonprofit executive leaders in a confidential, supportive environment?

TVNPA invites you to join our Executive Director Roundtable program because “EDR” is such a place. At EDR, you will:

  • Develop a trusted group of peer advisors in the executive ranks of the nonprofit world
  • Share and hear about best practices and creative solutions
  • Stay abreast of efforts and opportunities to bring resources to the Tri-Valley
  • Discuss issues of importance to senior level administrators
  • Gain more in-depth knowledge of nonprofits in our community
  • Discover new ways to collaborate and partner
  • Expand your skill set and leadership development opportunities
  • Troubleshoot administrative issues in a safe, facilitated peer-to-peer environment
  • Learn self-care, mindfulness, and work/life balance skills to continue to “be the best you” both personally and professionally
  • Have a fun breakfast three times during the cohort with others who – just like you – are walking the talk in the nonprofit world!

Participant Requirements:

  • Must lead an organization that is a TVNPA member
  • Submit a completed application
  • Participant is lead administrator of their organization (e.g. Executive Director or CEO)
  • Participant agrees to prioritize attendance at meetings and to contribute in a meaningful way to the dialogue
  • $200 participation fee
  • Give candid feedback and participate in future alumni events for the program

What EDR Members can expect:

  • 9 facilitated meetings per year, including seven in-person meetings at TVNPA’s CommonPoint Nonprofit Center
  • Roundtable groups are limited to 12 (additional roundtables will be formed when that level is reached)
  • Coffee and light breakfast provided during the three in-person meetings
  • Curated program to include discussion of general topics facing executive leaders, and confidential sharing of best practices, current issues, and troubleshooting
  • One meeting a year devoted to self-care
  • Fun, relaxed conversation in confidence with peers who – like you – are ‘walking the talk’ in the nonprofit world
  • Guest speakers on topics important to you and your continued growth as a nonprofit executive, as appropriate and requested by the group

EDR Facilitator

Shaké Sulikyan, nationally-recognized nonprofit executive and former President & Executive Director, will facilitate TNVPA’s Executive Director Roundtable.

Shaké is here to support the EDR by coordinating the group and the monthly discussions to ensure the program meets your expectations. As a former nonprofit executive director, she has lived experience and personal understanding of your needs and will keep them in mind in guiding the cohort.

Shaké Sulikyan is a nationally recognized nonprofit executive and changemaker. She’s dedicated her life to making the world a better place. Shaké has over two decades of experience in aligning talent and resources to drive large-scale initiatives, build fruitful relationships, and reach record-breaking goals. Her nonprofit career includes leadership roles in healthcare, academic medicine, higher education, social service and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. She has been a Tri-Valley resident since 2014 and served as President and Executive Director of ValleyCare Charitable Foundation for 5.5 years. In January 2022, she joined Boyden as an Executive Search Consultant and Senior Advisor, helping to build their social impact/nonprofit practice in the U.S. She moved to the U.S. at the age of 12 and currently lives in Livermore, CA with her husband and son who’s in 5th grade at Arroyo Seco Elementary School.  

Need more info? Contact Kathy Young, TVNPA CEO/President.

TVNPA Executive Director Roundtable Inaugural Class.