TVNPA’s February Community Program: Banking and Investing for Nonprofits: Through the Eyes of Financial Services

Bankhead Theater 2400 First Street, Livermore, CA

TVNPA is pleased to bring you a special program focused on banking and investing for profits. No two non-profits are the same. Size, maturity, funding sources, and programs all constitute a unique tapestry of organizations that have a common mission to serve our community. This landscape makes it difficult to understand common practices or share learnings across entities particularly when it comes to financial services. To this end, we are bringing together a panel of experts from different financial organizations ready to provide their insights, best practices, and learnings, with a focus on helping you to better understand and optimize donations, cash flow, operating income, debt structures, and investments. We look forward to having you join us for an informative and fun session! Thank you to Sandia National Laboratories for sponsoring TVNPA's 2023 Community Programs!       Charles has been a community banker here in Livermore for 40 years,