TVNPA Power of Giving Impact Maker Awards 2024

We are delighted to announce we are accepting nominations to recognize and honor outstanding nonprofits, exceptional individuals, and corporate philanthropists who have made remarkable contributions to our community. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to celebrate those whose unwavering dedication has created a positive impact and brought about significant change in the lives of countless individuals.

We seek nominations from you to identify and acknowledge the tireless work of philanthropic organizations, inspirational individuals, and socially responsible corporations that have left an indelible mark in the Tri-Valley.

We have assembled panel of judges comprised of local government leaders, members of the print and television media as well as esteemed members of the community. Judges will meticulously review all submissions and select the deserving recipients.

In addition, we invite TVNPA Members to cast a vote for nominees in the Lifetime Achievement and Corporate Partner/Philanthropic Partner categories.* These votes will be combined with the judges’ scores for final selection. Winners will be announced at the Power of Giving Celebration on November 13, 2024.

Click on the category below for the nomination form.

*One vote per category, per organization. Voting process details will be made available after nominations are received.

Unsung Heroes: This award recognizes individuals within nonprofit organizations who tirelessly contribute but often receive little to no recognition.

Lifetime Achievement: This award celebrates an individual or organization’s decades-long commitment to nonprofit causes and remarkable accomplishments and their overall career dedication to the nonprofit sector.

Corporate Contributor/Philanthropic Partner: This award honors for-profit organizations that have substantially impacted one or more nonprofit organizations through financial contributions, fundraising efforts, and company-sponsored programs and events that promote volunteerism.

Arts and Culture: This award recognizes nonprofit organizations that have positively influenced their communities through their dedication to arts and culture. It acknowledges its achievements in fostering creativity, enriching lives, and enhancing the community’s cultural fabric.

Excellence in Impact: These two awards distinguish both large (operating budget $1M and above) and small (operating budget under $1M) nonprofit organizations.


Who can nominate someone?
Anyone is eligible to submit a nomination. If you know of a remarkable individual, nonprofit, or corporate philanthropist, please complete a nomination today.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes, you can self-nominate

Can I submit my own organization or an organization where I am on staff or board?
Yes, you can submit a nomination for your own organization or another organization/individual in the community you think is deserving of an award.

When are nominations due?
Nominations are due August 2, 2024.

Can past winners be nominated again?
2023 winners are not eligible for 2024 awards.

What is the selection process?
Nominations must be submitted by August 31 to be considered for an award. All nominations will be compiled and presented to the TVNPA Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund review committee on September 1, 2024. The Committee will review the applications and select the top 4-5 nominations per category. These top nominations will be sent to an external review committee of 40-50 influential leaders in the Tri-Valley community consisting of elected officials, media, corporate leaders, and respected nonprofit professionals. These reviewers will rank and score the top proposals and return them to the TVNF review committee for final selection.

What information do I need to submit during the nomination process?
You will need to provide details about the nominee such as name, contact information, a description of their contributions, achievements, and any supporting documentation or references that can substantiate the nomination. Click on the categories listed above to be taken to the nomination form.

How will the winners be announced?
Winners will be announced at the TVNPA Power of Giving Awards Ceremony on November 13, 2024. Additionally, they will be recognized in press releases and on the TVNPA website and social media channels.

Can an individual or organization win in more than one category?
No, an individual or organization can only win in one category per year. However, they can be nominated in multiple categories.

How are the award recipients recognized?
Award recipients are honored during the TVNPA Power of Giving Awards Ceremony. They will also receive a certificate of recognition and will be featured in TVNPA publications and on the website and receive a special invitation to a luncheon with other award winners and community leaders.

Can I get feedback on my nomination after the selection process?
Due to the volume of nominations received, individual feedback will not be provided. However, we will provide general feedback and tips for future nominations on the website.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
For any questions related to the Power of Giving nominations, please contact the Kathy Young at