Immediate Impact – Measurable Results

Contributions to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund grant program provide immediate, measurable impacts for nonprofit organizations serving the Tri-Valley by offering unrestricted grant funds allowing them to grow and stabilize operations and provide services and programs.


The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund grant program includes a significant matching funds component. When matching funds are available, they allow for individual contributions to increase by whatever percentage the matching funds donor indicates. TVNPA is excited to report that our first $25,000 will be matched 150%, thanks to the generosity of CHEF and Marti and John Sutton. TVNPA is excited to continue our partnership with CHEF as administrator for the matching portion of the fund.


Grants are awarded quarterly in amounts ranging from $1,000 – $5,000 for unrestricted use, as available funds allow. Grant award determinations are made quarterly by a selection committee comprised of TVNPA board members, community leaders, representatives from major donor organizations, and benefactors.


Donations to the TVNF are made via the Community Health and Education donation page. Choose the type of organization that you’d like your contribution to benefit below. You will then be redirected to CHEF to make your donation.

    Please choose the type of organization that your contribution will benefit:


    Donors to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund grants program can curate their donations in several ways:

    1. Make a One-Time contribution at any time
    2. Schedule Recurring contributions, with choices for monthly or annually
    3. Become a Matching Funds Partner for one quarter, several quarters, or annually

    Donors can also choose the type of organization their contributions benefit:

    1. Direct Service Organizations
    2. Arts & Science Organizations
    3. All types of 501(c)3 organizations serving the Tri-Valley