Wrap a blanket of services around neighbors impacted by COVID-19

The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund provides financial support to help stabilize six safety-net service providers on the front lines of the pandemic. While donating to any one of these organizations is a great choice, donors to the TVNF double their impact and wrap a blanket of services around senior citizens, disabled, youth, veterans, homeless, and their neighbors, providing food, shelter, healthcare and more- all with just one donation.

That’s why donating to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund is a win-win for donors, beneficiaries and the entire community. The primary benefits of supporting our community through the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund are:

TRI-VALLEY CENTRIC: These six beneficiary organizations serve all Tri-Valley communities

Though all six organizations are located in Alameda County, they serve the entire Tri-Valley, including communities located in Contra Costa County. Yet regardless of the service area, these organizations usually only qualify for funds from Alameda County, or are disproportionally considered for funding in relation to more urban areas of the counties. With human service needs scaling for the foreseeable future, the TVNF will allow Tri-Valley safety net service providers with a consistent regional source of funding not just during this crisis and the economic recovery period that will follow, but hopefully provide an opportunity for our region to become more self-reliant and self-sustaining in the future.

CORPORATE MATCHING PROGRAM: Double your impact when you donate

Thanks to the generosity of the Community Health & Education Foundation, our corporate matching program launched with their $20,000 donation. The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund continues to reach out to other foundations and corporations to join our matching program so that we can continue to double donations after we reach this first benchmark. Donations are matched dollar-for-dollar, and not just for one organization, but for all six equally, as all disbursements from the fund will be split equally among them. To find out more about the benefits of becoming a matching program donor, contact TVNPA here.

UNRESTRICTED FUNDS: Help eliminate financial barriers to service delivery

In normal times, many nonprofits receive grant funds that are primarily restricted to service delivery or programming, as it is rare to find grants that fund administrative costs such as staffing, benefits and operations. But just like any small business, nonprofits need operating costs to operate. Nonprofits raise these funds in large part by hosting fundraisers, but with the elimination of gatherings at this time, all fundraisers have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Nonprofits now find themselves in a dilemma: how do they serve more people and offer more services with fewer volunteers/staff and fewer resources? The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund will provide unrestricted financial support to help stabilize the operations of these service providers so they can continue to meet the needs of our region during this crisis and into the economic recovery period to follow.

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