Livermore, CA / June 10, 2020

After just a few months in operation, the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund announced today its first distribution of $60,000 and the launch of its “Round Two” donation drive. A campaign of the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance, the TVNF’s initial distribution is comprised of $30,000 from community donations and $30,000 from the Matching Funds Program, much of which was raised in the first 30 days.

Round One Distribution Recap

The $60,000 was distributed the first week of June in increments of $10,000 in unrestricted funds to each of the six beneficiaries. Moving forward, the TVNF plans to replicate the pattern in each round when funds allow.

“Offering unrestricted funds was critical to meet the needs of these front-line organizations, since scaling services is just one part of the equation,” says Susan Hayes, fund consultant to the TVNPA. “Unrestricted funds allow organizations to scale their operations and delivery systems as well, so services and resources reach their intended audiences in a timely manner. That’s where the real impact occurs.”

The organizations are:

  • Axis Community Health
  • CityServe of the Tri-Valley
  • Open Heart Kitchen
  • Senior Support Services of the Tri-Valley
  • Spectrum Community Services (Meals on Wheels)
  • Tri-Valley Haven

Round One Matching Funds Partners

The generosity of two local organizations funded the $30,000 Matching Fund Program for this initial round, beginning with the Community Health & Education Foundation “CHEF,” with their $20,000 seed donation.

“CHEF is happy to partner with TVNPA in our ongoing mission to foster a community of giving,” says CHEF Executive Director Maria Mancini. “This fund embodies the inspiration behind CHEF, so it has been exciting to be part of its founding.”

Hacienda Helping Hands, the ongoing community support campaign of Hacienda Business Park, also came forward with a generous contribution of $10,000 for this first round.
“We are inspired by the vision of the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance and hope that others will likewise see this as an opportunity to make a large local impact through collective participation,” says James Paxson, Hacienda’s General Manager. “The region is fortunate to have organizations like the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance who are attempting to comprehensively address the full spectrum of community need.”

Community donations have been strong since the outset, according to Kathy Young, CEO of TVNPA, who reports that the community side of the fund raised $20,000 in the first two weeks, and by the end of the first month, had surpassed $30,000. “We know COVID-19 has impacted everyone in our region to some extent,” Young says. “It’s comforting to know the idea of ‘wrapping a blanket of services’ around the shoulders of our neighbors most impacted has really resonated.”

Contributions to the matching funds program have also been robust, with commitments now exceeding $90,000. “The support of local businesses and organizations has been incredible, enabling the fund to reach its first-round distribution quickly and position us to immediately launch the second round,” explains Young.

Donation Drive “Round Two” Launches

The TVNF’s “Round Two” donation drive launches immediately, thanks in great part to the generosity of local residents John and Marti Sutton, with their matching funds contribution of $25,000. John, CFO of The Wine Group, and Marti, Past Co-Chair of the Las Positas College Foundation Board of Directors, are long-time philanthropists in the Tri-Valley.

“We wanted to make a contribution to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund that would encourage others to give at this time while supporting the incredible organizations in or community that provide valuable services to our residents,” says Marti Sutton.

Completing the second round’s matching fund partnership is the Mony Nop Real Estate Team ($1,000), Gene Morgan Insurance ($1,000), Holy Cross Lutheran Church (1,000), and St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Community ($2500).

“Each round of funding is just as important as the first round,” according to Hayes. “We know residents will continue to face economic challenges for months to come, even as our communities start to reopen. As a result, our beneficiaries will need financial support to maintain and extend services at the elevated levels they’re currently experiencing.”

The community can contribute in several ways:

1) Make a donation of any amount directly through the TVNPA website at and at

2) Host an online fundraiser with your service group, friends and classmates. Feel free to reach out to Kathy Young for further information or ideas.

3) Become a Matching Funds Program Partner, open to businesses and organizations for a minimum donation of $1,000. For information, contact TVNPA CEO Kathy Young at 925-699-7323 or

For more information on the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund, visit


About the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund – The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund was established on April 24, 2020 by the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance in partnership with the Community Health & Education Foundation to help stabilize six Tri-Valley nonprofit “safety net” service providers responding on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund was designed as a 1:1 matching donation program, combining equal financial support from community members and local businesses to achieve giving levels. Learn more at

About the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance -The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance is a 501©3 organization that strives to strengthen and advocate for regional nonprofit organizations through education, resources, and a supportive professional network. Tax ID: 47-4672151. Find out more at

About the Community Health & Education Foundation -The TVNPA has engaged the Community Health & Education Foundation (“CHEF”), a 501©3 organization, as our donation management partner for the fund. CHEF’s mission is to provide resources and opportunities for Tri-Valley nonprofits to foster a community of giving. Tax ID: 82-1408737. Learn more at