Livermore, CA / August 7, 2020

Earlier this month, the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund (TVNF), established April 24, 2020, reached its second round funding goal, distributing another $10,000 each in unrestricted funds to its six designated beneficiaries supporting residents in the Tri-Valley area adversely impacted by COVID-19.

The beneficiary organizations are:

  • Axis Community Health
  • CityServe of the Tri-Valley
  • Open Heart Kitchen
  • Senior Support Services of the Tri-Valley
  • Spectrum Community Services (Meals on Wheels)
  • Tri-Valley Haven

The $60,000 second round goal was achieved through the fund’s matching program, which reached $30,000 in community contributions in just over one month, and $30,000 from matching partners. Total distributions to date from the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund have now reached $120,000 in its first four months.

The matching fund partners for the second round were Marti and John Sutton, St. Charles Borromeo Church, Gene Morgan Insurance Agency and Mony Nop Real Estate. Community donations included significant contributions from the East Bay Community Foundation and Community Leader Jean King.

“Our matching funds partners are critical to supporting these six safety-net service providers,” says Kathy Young, CEO of the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance (TVNPA). “They enable us to immediately double each donation, and ‘donation-doubling’ has been the key to this collaborative effort.”

Community members are motivated to support neighbors, Young explains, but many are understandably limited in how much they can contribute right now. The immediate doubling mechanism allows for significant impacts, no matter how small the community contribution.

How does donation-doubling work? A contribution of as little as $10 when doubled with equal funds from a matching program partner purchases a $20 bag of groceries for a family in need; a $25 donation when doubled buys a $50 tank of gas for a family living in a vehicle. Other examples include:

  • $33 donation (doubled via match to $66) purchases a home-based pulse oximeter for patients with heart disease or COVID-19
  • $50 donation (doubled to $100) can either purchase a home blood pressure cuff, or 50 hot meals, or 24-hours of safe & secure housing for a family of four
  • $125 donation (doubled to $250) sponsors one child’s weekend bag lunch program for one year
  • $150 donation (doubled to $300) covers one month of electricity for a senior citizen
  • $250 donation (doubled to $500) purchases bag lunch meals for 200 children
  • $500 donation (doubled to $1,000) covers the down payment for a below-market apartment for a displaced family

Third Round Launches with Exclusive Workday Donation

The TVNF is excited to announce that the Workday Foundation has stepped up as the exclusive matching partner for the third round of the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund’s COVID-19 Campaign, with a $30,000 unrestricted matching funds challenge for the community.
“Workday has created initiatives to support the communities where its employees work and live, and the Tri-Valley has benefitted from the company’s generosity for many years,” says Susan Hayes, Consultant to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund. “We couldn’t be more grateful for Workday’s support of our community during this time, helping our residents who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19.”

The Workday Foundation also funded operational costs towards facilitation of the fund. “Like any business, nonprofit efforts such as the TVNF cost money to operate,” says Young. “We had no idea the fund would gain momentum as quickly as it has, and Workday’s support of our efforts to drive a community effort during a pandemic is a testament to its active participation in the community.

Carrie Varoquiers, Vice President of Global Impact and Employee Life at Workday and President of the Workday Foundation, reiterated Workday’s commitment to its communities: “Supporting the needs of our communities is more important than ever, including those who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19,” says Varoquiers. “We are grateful for the opportunity to support the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund, which aids service providers that are helping keep families healthy, fed and in their homes – which aligns with our goal to help break the cycle of poverty, and transform lives.”
Community Challenge for Workday Round

With the Workday round now under way, individuals and community organizations are already planning fundraisers, including a donation drive hosted by Inklings Coffee & Tea in Pleasanton. Inklings will collect funds through the month of August to donate to the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund and every dollar donated will automatically be doubled with funds contributed by Workday. It’s a great opportunity to support a small business and the community through paying it forward!

Other ways the community can participate include:

1) Make a donation of any amount directly through the TVNPA website at and at

2) Host an online fundraiser with your service group, friends and classmates. Feel free to reach out to Kathy Young for further information or ideas.

3) Become a Matching Funds Program Partner, open to businesses and organizations for a minimum donation of $1,000. For information, contact TVNPA CEO Kathy Young at 925-699-7323 or

For more information on the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund, visit


About the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund – The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund was established on April 24, 2020 by the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance in partnership with the Community Health & Education Foundation to help stabilize six Tri-Valley nonprofit “safety net” service providers responding on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund was designed as a 1:1 matching donation program, combining equal financial support from community members and local businesses to achieve giving levels. Learn more at

About the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance -The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance is a 501©3 organization that strives to strengthen and advocate for regional nonprofit organizations through education, resources, and a supportive professional network. Tax ID: 47-4672151. Find out more at

About the Community Health & Education Foundation -The TVNPA has engaged the Community Health & Education Foundation (“CHEF”), a 501©3 organization, as our donation management partner for the fund. CHEF’s mission is to provide resources and opportunities for Tri-Valley nonprofits to foster a community of giving. Tax ID: 82-1408737. Learn more at