Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance Hosts ‘Charity Reimagined: An Evening with Dan Pallotta’ at Bankhead Theater

Livermore, CA / May 2, 2024

The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance (TVNPA) is excited to announce a landmark event, ‘Charity Reimagined: An Evening with Dan Pallotta,’ taking place on May 15th, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore. This event, marking the 10th anniversary of the TVNPA, will challenge and inspire new ways of thinking about the role and impact of nonprofits in society.

Dan Pallotta, an innovative humanitarian activist and author, will headline the event in person! Pallotta is renowned for his provocative views on nonprofit funding and management, which he shared in his widely viewed TED Talks. His insights into the ‘Overhead Myth’ – the belief that nonprofits must minimize administrative costs to be considered effective – encourage a deeper discussion about how these organizations are structured and funded.

“Imagine a world where nonprofits have the funds they need,” said Kathy Young, CEO of TVNPA. “Consider the possibilities when nonprofits can competitively pay their staff, have up-to-date technology, and the resources they need to fulfill their true missions.” As Dan Pallotta famously said, “The next time you’re evaluating a nonprofit, instead of asking about their overhead rate, ask them how big their dreams are.”

The evening will also feature screening the Academy Award-nominated documentary ‘UnCharitable,’ directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal. Inspired by Pallotta’s work, the film critically examines the challenges nonprofits face under traditional funding models and advocates for transformative changes in the sector.

Why attend? This event is not just an opportunity to engage with groundbreaking ideas in philanthropy. It’s a call to action for all who believe in enhancing the effectiveness and impact of charitable work. The evening promises to be an insightful experience, with appetizers and beverages provided, fostering an excellent environment for networking with community leaders and changemakers.

Tickets are available now, with special offers for groups of 10 or more. Thanks to generous sponsors, TVNPA is also providing a limited number of comped tickets to ensure that all interested parties can attend, regardless of financial ability. For these tickets, contact .

Event Details and Ticket Information

  • Date and Time: May 15th, Doors open at 5 PM, Event from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Regular Pricing: $105 for non-members and $85 for TVNPA members.
  • Group Sales Offer: Groups of 10 or more receive a $10 discount per ticket with the code: TVNPAgroup.

All ticket proceeds will support the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund to provide grants to local nonprofits.

Tickets are available for purchase at

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About the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance –The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance (TVNPA), a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 2014 as the regional convener for nonprofit organizations throughout the Tri-Valley and beyond. The mission of TVNPA is to provide advocacy, collaboration, and education to strengthen the nonprofit organizations that enrich our communities. They do this through education, skills training, workforce development, organizational resources, and a supportive professional network. Tax ID: 47-4672151. Find out more at

About Dan Pallotta – Dan Pallotta is a pioneering humanitarian activist, author, and speaker best known for his advocacy of transforming the nonprofit sector. He challenges the conventional wisdom that equates low administrative costs with high nonprofit effectiveness, arguing instead for a focus on scale, innovation, and ambition in charitable organizations. Dan’s books and his widely acclaimed TED Talks have inspired a new discourse on how nonprofits should operate to maximize their impact. His work encourages a shift towards Trust-Based Philanthropy and a reevaluation of what it means to do good. For more information, visit

About the UnCharitable Documentary – ‘UnCharitable’ is a groundbreaking documentary directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal that delves into the restrictive practices that stifle the nonprofit sector’s potential for greater impact. Inspired by the advocacy and insights of Dan Pallotta, the film explores the real-life consequences of outdated funding models and the urgent need for systemic change. By featuring the stories of dynamic charities and their struggles under traditional constraints, ‘UnCharitable’ advocates for a new way of thinking about nonprofit effectiveness that aligns more closely with today’s challenges and opportunities. For more information, visit .