Philanthropy Institute: Mentorship Program

The Program

At the conclusion of the Philanthropy Institute course, each Mentee (student) who completes the course will be matched with a Mentor who will work with them for six months around specific goals tied to the Mentee’s fundraising and career development issues.

The Roles

Mentors are experienced fundraising professionals who volunteer their time. They agree to mentor their Mentees over the course of the six month commitment. 

Mentees represent a wide range of experience, organization type, and budget size. Some are development directors who work alone in a small office. Others are executive directors who spend a large amount of time fundraising. Mentees may be seasoned or new to the field. What they share is an idea of where they can use support from a Mentor.


  • The Mentor Program provides one-to-one support for professionals including fundraisers, executive directors, development staff, board leaders and consultants.
  • As part of the application process to TVNPA’s Philanthropy Institute, each co-hort member is asked to identify the skill area/function where they would best benefit from a mentor. 
  • Philanthropy Institute administrators will recruit qualified Mentors and match them to Mentees based on expertise, nonprofit sector, and other factors that can be effectively evaluated to ensure a proper match.
  • Mentors and Mentees are provided with an orientation session to provide guidelines and expectations for the program.
  • Mentors  are asked to meet several times with their assigned Mentees meet (in person or virtually) over the course of six months following the Mentee’s completion of the Philanthropy Institute.
  • Philanthropy Institute administrators will check in with each Mentor pair and assist as needed. Both Mentors and Mentees will participate in surveys at the conclusion of the process.