TVNPA Supports Regional Nonprofit Organizations with online resources during COVID-19 Crisis

Brushy Peak, North Livermore, March 2020

We are intensely grateful that we had the opportunity to see many of you at our lively February program featuring Rick Altman. Little did we know at that time that the spread and scope of the COVID-19 virus would so swiftly and seriously impact our everyday lives, both at work and at home. Our outlook mid-March is vastly different than the last time we gathered at the Bankhead Theater, but at TVNPA we are laser-focused on how critically important our connections are to one another and, going forward, how to maintain those connections between each of our organizations.

Six years ago this March, TVNPA formed around the core value of “together, we are better.” As your regional nonprofit alliance, we know that the investment in educating people, providing resources and forging connections with one another throughout our nonprofit community will already have helped to build resilience in recovery efforts down the road. As we all work to rebuild the lost momentum and postponed opportunities we are experiencing now, we invite you to participate in our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups and to follow us on Twitter, if you are not already doing so.

Since TVNPA began this grand adventure of building a strong coalition within the nonprofit community in the Tri-Valley and beyond, we are continually amazed and inspired by the leadership, creativity and collaboration between hundreds of local organizations and their people; from board directors, staff members and volunteers, to the business community and independent contractors who aid in making the nonprofit world go around. In short, you are our rock stars!

In the spirit of TVNPA’s mission to serve organizations with resources and education, we have collected information that we feel will be useful to organizations. TVNPA has turned to our trusted partner organizations for reliable and trustworthy information and trainings on best practices during the COVID-19 period. Please see TVNPA’s Resource Guide below in the email, or navigate to our website.

To all of you who work, support and volunteer in the nonprofit social, environmental, health and arts sectors, we encourage you to reach out to each other and to us at TVNPA during this unprecedented test of circumstances. We know that this situation is causing interruptions of all sorts and is resulting in much stress and disruption to all that we have worked hard to build and implement over time. TVNPA remains committed to being a central resource and forum for exploring innovative ways to support and educate the nonprofit community in the region. Nonprofit organizations have always been the hardest working, most innovative, and creatively inspiring core of our society and we are proud to serve alongside you.

TVNPA Partner Organizations

Impact Foundry
CEN: Center for Excellence in Nonprofits

Chambers of Commerce

Dublin Chamber of Commerce
Livermore Chamber of Commerce
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce
San Ramon Chamber of Commerce

Information & Support Resources

501 Commons
Prepare and Respond
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Tech Soup: Nonprofit Resources for Remote Work During COVID-19 Outbreak
TechImpact Idealware: The Remote Option: Smart Technology for Creating Virtual Teams
Nonprofit Quarterly
Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Public Health Information

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
CA Department of Public Health
NEW! American Lung Association